Ripe & Easy KiwiTM

Ripe & EasyTM

Kiwi fruit has been on a long journey. From its origins in China, to New Zealand, then over to Europe, our green, fuzzy friend has been on quite a trek to reach the home where we feel kiwi grows the best – in California. 

There’s a farm in the central valley there just below the grand Sequoias where Sun Pacific grows almost half of all kiwi fruit produced in the U.S. With that, there comes a big responsibility to our customers, and ultimately Moms and kids who rely on our value, quality, and flavor  of the fruits we grow.  And that’s why we employ superior agricultural practices, from pruning to packing, ensuring your high expectations are consistently met, from our farm to your table.

We’re passionate about Kiwi and we think you will be too - if you’re not already.  So we’ve made it even easier to enjoy Kiwi  everyday by bringing you Ripe & EasyTM Kiwi.

Our Kiwi is always picked at it's peak-of-flavor.  Like many fruits, Kiwi will eventually ripen on its own which can take a few days and even a couple of weeks.

But when you’re ready for a sweet and healthy snack for you or your family, you don’t want to wait.  And why should you?

Ripe & EasyTM Kiwi is always perfectly ripe so you can enjoy it's delicious, sweet and tangy flavor immediately. 

Simply cut in half - scoop and eat!  Quick and easy.  Actually, that’s Ripe & EasyTMto eat.  Only from Sun Pacific.

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